Please find the weekly class timetable at Sylvan School of Dance for this term. Any changes to the timetable will be communicated.


Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN

17.05-17.30:Festival Practice (IT, AV, KB)Jena
17.10-17.30: Private LessonLucy
17.30-18.00:Beginners Tap (+ 15mins Extension)Lucy
17.30-18.15Senior JazzJena
18.15-19.00:Intermediate ModernJena
18.15-19.00:Junior TapLucy
19.00-19.45:Grade 5 ModernJena
19.00-19.45:Advanced TapLucy
19.45-20.30:Advanced 1 ModernJena
19.45-20.30:Senior TapLucy


Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN

17.00-17.20: Festival Practice (IG, DG, EE)Jena
17.00-17.20:Private LessonJo
17.20-17.40: Junior Performance Team RehearsalsJena
17.20-17.40:Private LessonJo
17.40-18.00:Private LessonJo
17.40-18.20: Full Performance Team RehearsalsJena
18.00-18.20: Beginners ModernJo
18.20-18.50: Senior Performance Team RehearsalsJena
18.20-18.50:Grade 3 TapJo
18.50-19.20:Intermediate Ballet Exam ClassJena
18.50-19.20:Intermediate TapJo
19.20-19.55:Grade 6 TapJo


Mountbatten School, Whitenap Lane, Romsey, SO51 5SY

17.00-17.30: Grade 2 Modern Jena
17.30-18.00: Grade 3 ModernJena
18.00-18.30: Junior JazzJena
18.30-19.00: Festival Practice (EA, SA, KB, RJ, CD, CC) / Greek & Natural Movement Class (ALTERNATE WEEKS)Jena
19.00-19.30: Festival Practice (EA, SA, KB, RJ, CD, CC)Jena
19.30-19.55: Advanced Foundation Ballet Exam ClassJena


Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN

17.00-17.45: Grade 3 Ballet Jena
17.00-17.45: Intermediate Foundation BalletJenny
17.45-18.15: Junior Non-Syllabus BalletJena
17.45-18.30: Senior Non-Syllabus BalletJenny
18.15-19.00: Grade 4 BalletJena
18.30-19.00: PointeJenny
19.00-19.30: Advanced Foundation BalletJenny
19.00-19.45: Intermediate BalletJena
19.30-20.00: Advanced 1 BalletJenny


North Baddesley Village Hall, Botley Road, North Baddesley, SO52 9DT

9.20-9.40: Private LessonJena
9.20-9.45: Mini JazzAssistant
9.45-10.15: Pre-School BalletJena
10.15-10.45: Primary BalletJena
10.45-11.30: Grade 1 BalletJena
11.30-11.50: Private CoachingAssistant
11.30-11.55: Grade 1 TapJena
11.55 - 12.00BreakJena
12.00-12.40: Grade 2 BalletJena
12.40-1.00: Festival Practice (MM, OM, HH)Jena
13.00-13.30: Festival Practice (KC, MS, HM, EH)Jena
13.30-14.00: Intermediate Foundation Ballet Exam ClassJena
14.00-14.45: Beginners AcroDanceJena

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