CLASS TIMETABLE (Commences 6th September 2021) 

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Mondays at the Oasis Academy, Romsey Road, Lord's Hill, Southampton SO16 8FA
5.00 - 5.05:Set UpLucyDance Studio
5.05-5.35:Beginners TapLucyDance Studio
5.35-5.40:ChangeoverLucyDance Studio
5.40-6.20:Junior TapLucyDance Studio
6.20-7.00:Advanced TapLucyDance Studio
7.00-7.05:ChangeoverLucyDance Studio
7.05-7.45:Senior TapLucyDance Studio
7.50-8.30Adult TapLucyDance Studio
5.00 - 5.05:Set UpJenaTheatre
5.05-5.35:Intermediate BalletJenaTheatre
5.40-6.20:PBT (Inter Foundation Students and above)JenaTheatre
6.20-7.00:Intermediate ModernJenaTheatre
7.05-7.45:Advanced 1 BalletJenaTheatre
7.50-8.30:Senior Jazz 1JenaTheatre


Tuesdays at Oasis Academy, Redbridge Lane, Lordshill, Southampton, SO16 0XN
5.00-5.30Festival Practice (EE, AJ, OM, JW)JenaTheatre 1
5.30-5.55:Festival Ballet Group PracticeJenaTheatre 1
5.55-6.40:Full Performance Team JenaTheatre 1
6.40-7.00:Senior Performance TeamJenaTheatre 1
7.00-7.40:Festival Practice (IT, AV, KB)JenaTheatre 1
7.40-8.20:Advanced 1 ModernJenaTheatre 1
5.00-5.30:Festival Practice (MM, EH, EC)LauraTheatre 2
5.30-5.55:Festival Practice (OD, CD, MW, CC)LauraTheatre 2
5.55-6.15:Private LessonLauraTheatre 2
6.15-7.00:Intermediate Tap LauraTheatre 2
7.00-7.40:Grade 4 Tap LauraTheatre 2
7.40-8.20:Advanced 1 Tap LauraTheatre 2


Wednesdays at the Mountbatten School, Whitenap Lane, Romsey, SO51 5SY
5.00-5.40:Grade 2 BalletJenaSmall Hall
5.40-6.20:Intermediate Foundation BalletJenaSmall Hall
6.20-7.00:Junior Non-Syllabus BalletJenaSmall Hall
7.00-7.20:Junior Pointe JenaSmall Hall
7.20-8.00:Advanced 2 Modern JenaSmall Hall
5.05-5.40:Festival Practice (DG, LP, HM, TD)LauraDance Studio
5.40-6.20:Grade 2 TapLauraDance Studio
6.20-7.00:Senior Non-Syllabus BalletLauraDance Studio
7.00-7.20:Senior Pointe LauraDance Studio
7.20-8.00:Advanced Foundation Ballet LauraDance Studio


Thursdays at Mountbatten School, Whitenap Ln, Romsey SO51 5SY
5.00-5.30:Grade 1 Modern JenaDance Studio
5.30-6.00:Grade 3 ModernJenaDance Studio
6.00-6.30:Junior JazzJenaDance Studio
6.30-7.00:Grade 4 ModernJenaDance Studio
7.00-7.25:GreekJenaDance Studio
7.30-8.00:Advanced 1 BalletJenaDance Studio


Fridays at Oasis Academy, Redbridge Lane, Lordshill, Southampton, SO16 0XN
5.00-5.40:Grade 3 Ballet JenaDance Studio
5.40-6.20:Grade 4 BalletJenaDance Studio
6.20-7.00:Intermediate BalletJenaDance Studio
7.00-7.40:Advanced Foundation BalletJenaDance Studio


Saturdays at North Baddesley Village Hall, Botley Road, North Baddesley, SO52 9DT

9.30-10.00:Pre-Primary BalletJena
10.05-10.40: Primary BalletJena
10.40-10.45: ChangeoverJena
10.45-11.10: Festival Practice (RP, SM, EF)Jena
11.10-11.15: ChangeoverJena
11.15-12.00: Grade 1 BalletJena
12.00-12.30: Mini JazzJena
12.30-12.50: LunchJena
12.50-1.30: Grade 2 Ballet Jena
1.30-2.00: Festival Practice (IF, IG, BL, MG)Jena
2.00-2.40: Intermediate Foundation Ballet Exam ClassJena
2.40-2.45: ChangeoverJena
2.45-3.20: Acrobatic Arts Jena
3.20-3.30: CleanJena

Please remember to check in for every class via our EvePass app. 

Oasis Academy: 

  • If your class is in the theatre please queue up by the theatre fire exit (try not to block the pavement for other users). The fire exit will be used for entry and exit into the theatre. 
  • If your class is in the Dance studio or sports classroom please queue up outside the main community entrance. Your teacher will meet you there to take you upstairs. Exit from the dance studio is via the fire exit at the bottom of the stairs near the dance studio on the rear of the building. Parents should walk round the outside of the sports hall to access the rear fire exit for pick up after class. 


  • If your class is in the dance studio, please queue outside the main school entrance. Your teacher will collect you and bring you back there after class.
  • If your class is in the theatre or drama room, please queue outside the Lantern Theatre entrance. 

North Baddesley Village Hall: 

  • Please queue outside the main entrance before your class.
  • Students will be brought out to the carpark via the fire exit in the small room.

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