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Terms and Conditions
Class fees are due at the beginning of term.
Larger invoices can be paid in instalments as detailed on your invoice.
Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Details can be found at the bottom of the invoice.
If you decide not to continue with our classes, we do not request a notice period. However, we do ask that you let us know if you are leaving so that the space can be offered to any children on the waiting list.
Fees are non-refundable should you cease lessons midway through a term or if you choose not to attend your timetabled classes.
A registration form will be provided at your trial lesson which should be completed and returned. This enables us to register pupils with the required examination boards and competition organisers where necessary and provides us with any relevant information to keep students safe whilst they are in our care.
Sylvan School of Dance are only responsible for students while they are in their class. Children cannot be supervised whilst they are outside class.
Photographs and video footage of pupils taken by Sylvan School of Dance may occasionally be used on our website, Facebook page and for publicity purposes. If you do not wish your child’s image used for these purposes you must inform us in writing.

General Information for Students & Parents
Dance is a disciplined art form and as such it is important that pupils are correctly dressed and groomed whilst attending classes. For safety and hygiene reasons, we request the following guidelines are adhered to.
Please try to arrive promptly for lessons as late attendance can lead to injury due to insufficient warm-up and causes disruption for all other pupils.
Hair must be securely and neatly tied back for all classes, with none left hanging around the face.
A bun is preferable for all ballet classes and is compulsory for grade 4 and above.
Short hair should be tied back away from the face and neck as much as possible.
For safety reasons, no jewellery should be worn in class. If earrings are necessary they should be small plain studs. All pupils will be asked to remove or cover earrings for exams and shows.
Pupils should wear the correct footwear for each class although bare feet are acceptable for modern and jazz. Pupils who consistently arrive without the correct shoes may be asked to watch the class.
Please keep noise to a minimum whilst waiting for classes to start.

In addition:
Parents are invited to watch their child’s classes during the final week of each term (except during show term).
We hold regular school shows. Participation is open to every child in the school if they wish to be involved.
As a school we participate in competitive dance festivals during school holidays. These can be demanding on time and commitment and are not suitable for every child. Parents will be approached on an individual basis if it is felt their child would benefit from this experience.
Our school website contains latest information regarding the school
We also have a school closed Facebook page containing information and updates for parents of Sylvan school pupils. Please send a request if you wish to join.

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